Authenticity in Accounting

As seen in Fortune and Entrepreneur.

At Walker Ostrowski Williams CPAs, it’s not just about numbers. It’s about people.

The words “approachable” and “fun” aren’t typically associated with CPA firms, but at Walker Ostrowski Williams CPAs (WOW), those words go hand in hand with their high-performing accounting services.

“Clients come to us because they want a more relational, communicative experience than they may have received at a larger firm,” says Shannon Velasquez, CPA, partner. “When you walk in the front door, you’re just as likely to get a hug as a handshake.”

Grounded with top-tier technical skills, the firm serves diverse clientele and industries. “We’re not a commodity-based, traditional-approach accounting firm,” says Kelly Raphael, CPA, partner. “Our firm is like a family, and our clients are an extension of that family.”

Professional Yet Personable

Hanging in the firm’s Deerfield Beach boardroom is an actual surfboard—a nod to the team’s shared passion for the water and a reminder that clients and team members aren’t defined solely by their day jobs. “We’re not a stuffy CPA firm,” says Shelly Laughlin, CPA, partner, an avid scuba diver. “We believe in having fun at home and at work.”

The team enjoys sharing their passions with clients— Kelly, a devoted yoga practitioner, and Shannon, a sport fishing enthusiast—and learning about their clients’ interests, as well. They thrive on collaboration and mentorship, building up each team member so that they can grow to serve clients at their highest capability.

“We don’t operate in a silo,” says Shannon. “We bring unique and overlapping skills to complement each other and ensure our clients are getting comprehensive service.”

Culture That Cares

Behind every client relationship is a genuine desire to see clients succeed. Using their seasoned expertise, WOW advisors seek opportunities to not only meet their clients’ needs, but also exceed and advance them.

“We’re very invested in our clients’ success. We go out of our way to make sure we’re guiding them appropriately for the industry niche and economic environment they’re operating in, which can change every day,” says Shelly. “We can take care of many types of businesses and individuals, but we’re the best fit for clients who want that boutique level of attention.”

WOW advisors make themselves accessible, welcoming calls and questions from clients. They respond quickly and thoroughly, often tapping other experts within the firm to deliver holistic guidance.

“Trust is the bridge that ties us together,” says Kelly. “We trust each other, we trust our clients, and our clients trust that we’ll be there for them and will guide them in the right direction.”