Peer Review and Other Services to CPAs

Peer Review and Other Services to CPAs

Enhancement through guidance.

The peer review program of the AICPA plays an important role in ensuring that member CPA firms provide quality service to clients. As members of the AICPA, we not only have other firms examine our quality control system, but we serve as reviewers of other firms. But the peer review program does more than help to ensure a minimum level of professional quality for our industry. This is a program designed by CPAs and run by CPAs which allows us to monitor our own profession. Who better to run this program than your own “Peers” – certainly not a regulatory agency!

We firmly believe that we should all use this Peer Review Program to enhance each of our practices. During a review, you are the client; the process should help improve your practice through ideas and guidance from a firm which has been performing these services and working closely with CPAs for 30 years.

In addition, we have worked closely with our State Society, the FICPA Peer Review Committee, to understand the system and help facilitate the process for your firm. Our Peer Review partner in this area, Scott Williams, has served on the Peer Review Committee for over 15 years and was Chair of the Committee in 2009 and 2010. In addition to having performed over 1000 reviews throughout the state of Florida, Scott has day-to-day accounting and auditing experience in a wide range of clients and industries from government “Yellow Book” audits to basic compilations of your neighborhood business. Scott has also been a key speaker at many FICPA chapters on A&A practice issues for CPAs.

Serving as manager of our peer review services, Pamela Paschke has also served on the FICPA Peer Review Committee as well as board services on the FICPA chapter level. Pam’s “big eight” experience is a real plus for many of our ongoing peer review clients who regularly consult Pam on technical matters.

Consulting Issues – routine phone calls are free!

We like to offer our CPA clients more than just compliance with the 3 year Peer Review requirement. We find ourselves working with CPAs to help their understanding of the rapidly changing professional standards and share information on how other firms are adapting to the many changes in our profession.

And our services do not end upon the completion of your review. We like hearing from you – our client! That is why so many CPAs take advantage of our technical services. Phone calls on routine matters – where we can fill in the needed explanation or point you in the right direction – are free!

Pre-Issuance and Consulting Review Services

For more technical issues and engagements, we offer in-depth, hands-on pre-issuance and consulting engagements. Our pre-issuance review services are helpful to those smaller firms which may be doing a more complex, full disclosure or higher level or service and do not have access to a qualified reviewer within their own firm. And even for larger CPA firms, these pre-issuance reviews may be invaluable for firms entering into new or high risk industries.

Our consulting services allow you to have us focus on one (or several areas) of your engagement and again, can be a very useful tool when entering into a new or high risk engagement area.