Fraud Examination and Asset Recovery

Fraud Examination and Asset Recovery

Forensic experience you can rely on.

Our team of forensic experts are industry leaders.  Whether you suspect that you are already a fraud victim or want to reduce the risk of becoming a victim, we have experienced Certified Fraud Examiners who can assist you with your fraud examination and recovery needs.

The jury verdict is in.  In a recent decision after a five-day trial, the jury found clear criminal intent and awarded fees and triple damages to our client as a direct result of our forensic accounting analysis and expert testimony against its former embezzling bookkeeper.

Do you worry that you or your business might be the victim of fraud?

Do you need to forensically analyze your financial data to uncover potential misconduct?

Are you involved in litigation and requires an expert witness to testify on your behalf?

If one of these situation applies, then you need our CFE services.

Tracing the flow of assets through complex entity structures

We have experienced Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) offering Fraud Investigation and Asset Recovery Services. We also have the unique experience of evaluating the predication of and expertise in investigating accusations of fraud, establishing the appropriate level of examination teams, conducting interviews, and tracing the flow of assets through complex entity structures. By forensically discovering and establishing the facts, the true extent of alleged fraud is revealed showing the various levels of manipulation and deceit; all of which is necessary to assist with asset recovery efforts.

In another case…accusations of asset misappropriation were made against our client’s general manager in their Las Vegas, Nevada location. As part of our fraud examination, we conducted secret employee and vendor interviews, uncovering and identifying the facts necessary to prove both asset misappropriation and undocumented or falsely recorded transactions. As a result of our interview of the general manager, we were able to assist in obtaining his resignation and ultimately secure a full reimbursement of the misappropriated assets. Additionally, we prepared and filed corrected tax returns as a precautionary and necessary step to protect our client from any potential tax fraud issues.

Employee Theft Loss Insurance Policies

Do you have a theft loss insurance policy that needs to be reviewed?  Did you know that you can add a policy rider that will usually pay for costs you incur in you recovery efforts?

We have experience in assisting with producing the support for and the filing of insurance claims which also includes meeting with the Insurance company auditors.  Depending upon the time frame of any asset misappropriation and considering the insurance policy coverage periods involved, there may be several different policy claims that need to be prepared and filed:

• Has anyone looked at your policy details including policy riders?  There are usually specific steps required to properly summit the claim.

• Has management agreed to cooperate and assist in producing records from their accounting/management systems?

• Are all original documents secured to prevent any chain of custody issues?

• Do you have the originals or did the bank produce copies of the front and back of the cleared checks?

• Has a formal complaint been filed with law enforcement authorities?

• Do those who are charged with the responsibility of corporate governance need to discuss these issues to properly fullfill their duties?

If any of these situations apply or if you want to explore them further, then you need our CFE services.  Please contact Mark A. Ostrowski so that we can schedule an initial no charge meeting to discuss your circumstances and put a plan in place to address your needs.